Daniel Sadd

Daniel was an MSc student studying Marine Environmental Protection at Bangor University, having previously graduated with a BSc in Marine Biology. He now works on Ascension Island.

Why did you choose to work in Marine Biology?

Growing up as far away from the sea as is possible in the UK, it seems strange that I would choose a career in Marine Biology. However, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t want a career dealing with sea- life (apart from the desire to go into space every now and then). Growing up spending time watching nature documentaries, dragging the rest of my family to aquariums and spending holidays on Welsh beaches at my Grandpa’s caravan, the decision to study Marine Biology at University was not a tough one. Now I wish to broaden my knowledge on various topics that interest me. Areas including corals, Mangroves, the deep sea, and scuba diving with underwater photography!

What is your research project about?

For my current research project I am working with the Devonshire cup-coral, Caryophyllia smithii with the aim to discover how a changing environment affects their feeding behaviour. I shall be manipulating food availability, temperature and flow speed using a Recirculating Flume. As a secondary branch of the research I shall be comparing the feeding behaviour of C. smithii with the deep-water reef-building coral Lophelia pertusa, and finding out whether the changes in feeding behaviour of the two species differs under a changing environment.