Ruby Dener

Why did you choose to study / research marine science?

I chose to work in marine research because all my life I have admired the many ways people both recreate and make a living on the water. I wanted to make a career dedicated to maintaining and improving marine ecosystems for continued human utility and enjoyment. Through my variety of educational and work experiences, I have developed an affinity for environmental management topics that rely on collaborative efforts and the incorporation of various perspectives and agendas. I value and respect the involvement and balance of diverse stakeholders, and it is important for me to maintain and advance open lines of communication amongst scientists, resource users, and other stakeholders.

What is your research project about?

As the Davies Lab technician, I do not work on a single project. Rather, I am spread across all projects and research interests the lab has going at any one time. I help our students with the logistics and development of their research, especially pertaining to field work. I am also a scientific diver, and participate in any research diving needs our students and their projects have.

Interesting fact about yourself?

My favorite animals are those that look like evolution made a mistake… I am a big fan of Mola mola (Ocean sunfish) for this reason!