David Nadeau

David is a graduate student studying deep-sea lander technology and is funded by NOAA.

Why did you choose to study / research marine science?

Throughout my life I have lived on the ocean. Many of my earliest memories involve being by the sea, whether I am on the beach with friends and family or turning over rocks at low tide to watch the crabs scuttle away. My life and hobbies reflect the fact that I have been raised on the water, and from an early age I knew that I wished to understand the complexities of our oceans on a deeper level. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering from The University of Rhode Island in 2022, and will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Biological Oceanography at The Graduate School of Oceanography, URI.

What is your research project about?

The research project I will be working on is focused on enhancing our understanding of mesophotic and deep benthic communities to further progress how we can help achieve restoration, conservation, and management of these lesser known communities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Interesting fact about yourself?

In my free time I enjoy fishing, surfing, kayaking, and spearfishing with my friends. Away from the surf I enjoy working out, hiking, and working with computers.