Kristofer Gomes

Why did you choose to study / research marine science?

My scientific interest has always been focused on the understanding of how organisms interact and are shaped by their environment, particularly at the molecular level. During my graduate degree I was fortunate enough to participate in a marine research cruise, where I was exposed to the effort and interdisciplinary collaboration that goes into understanding our world’s oceans. From that day forward I have continued to become more enamored with marine research, the complex questions it helps to answer, and the community of researchers that has been built around it.

What is your research project about?

My research is focused on understanding the conditions that initiate toxic harmful algal blooms (HABs) within Narragansett Bay, utilizing two autonomous buoy platforms to collect high resolution environmental data. These toxic HAB events can have detrimental effects to shellfisheries within Rhode Island, as shellfish that consume toxic algal cells are not safe for human consumption. An improved understanding of the driving factors of these blooms will provide the foundation for forecasting of these events to minimize their impacts on the local economy, and human health.

Interesting fact about yourself?

Before going to graduate school, I worked as a veterinary technician and am still a huge animal lover with two cats of my own. In my free time I enjoy competing with friends in both fighting games and tabletop games.